Does any of the following realte to you?

If you're tired of your dentures or hate the way your teeth look, keep reading because your life is about to change...

  • You have dentures but you hate wearing them.

    They slide around the inside of your mouth like a hockey puck and they make you look older. You’re tired of not being able to taste food or worry about them falling out when you’re with other people.

  • You're embarrassed to smile in public.

    You’ve been through the dental “merry go round” where you’ve had fillings, crowns, root canals, done by various dentists throughout your life — leaving you with a mouthful of teeth that aren’t the same shape and are different colors.

  • You are in constant pain chewing.

    You have a hard time chewing food properly because you have old fillings that are falling apart and crowns that are breaking down — either from age or bad dental procedures.

If you relate to any of those, the good news is that...

A full mouth of teeth that look and feel natural is more affordabe than you think!

My name is Dr. Mike Martinsen, DDS

I have been helping the Fairview community love their smiles, chew their food without pain, and smile with confidence without having to wear dentures.

I do this with dental implants that replace your old, worn, missing teeth with brand new teeth that feel like you got your natural teeth back again. And these aren't the "old school" implants where you pay thousands per tooth.

With today’s technology, you can affordably have brand new teeth with just 4-6 implants using our unique All-On-4 Method.

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Why replace missing teeth with Dental Implants?


  • Talk about southern hospitality! I can actually say I had the best experience ever at a dentist office which is saying a lot since I'm 66. Staff is amazing and extremely professional. Dr. Martinsen is a very personable practitioner, highly skilled and uses the most current technology. I am very blessed that I have found Fairview Dental.

    GMA Ladybug
  • Dr. Mike Martinsen , DDS is introducing new technology with state of the art equipment so he can provide his patients with the latest and best treatments in dentistry today. His entire staff will ensure you have a flawless, friendly and safe visit every time . In case you you are looking for a reliable , trustworthy team to look after the health of your teeth , look no further because you just found them .

    Greg Skory
  • I’ve been a patient of this practice for about 15 years, through three dentists. Always good, always professional, cheerful, and concerned. The new owner, Dr. Mortensen, is efficient and knowledgeable. All of his staff is excellent, and Kelly (the hygienist) is very good. I recommend them often.

    Ripley Hotch
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Comfortable, Affordable & Safe

Our All-on-4 Method

Instead of using a traditional denture, an all-on-four dental implant secures your new teeth to four titanium posts. So you can have a full set of beautiful teeth with only 4 - 6 implants!

The best part is the procedure is more comfortable and a lot safer than it was years ago. And since we do most of our lab work in-house, you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks for your new set of teeth.

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love your smile again

How are All-On-4 Dental Implants different?

All-on-4 dental implants are similar to full-mouth dental implants in that they restore a smile using fewer implants than those used in full-mouth dental implants, but they differ in that fewer implants are required. With full-mouth dental implants, one implant is used for every missing tooth; in the All-on-4 dental implant procedure, four to six implants are used to support an entire denture arch.

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